About Us

Shree Shanti Foundation” provides educational and social training services. Mr Amol Kadam And Dr. Sushant Kadam are founders and chief trainers. Mr. Amol is an  Panchakarm ,Spa Massage and Yoga trainer and Dr. Sushant is a doctor of alternative medicines and Panchakarm ,Spa Massage and Yoga trainer .
We are working for social cause since 2005.

Our main Perpose is to help people who come from any community and creed, who are physically, mentally, financially and educationally week, poor and needy. Provide them skill development and bring them in main social stream.

Our trainings helps a person self empowerment to realise and utilize their full potential which benefits the student, family, employers considerably by way of increased productivity and quality. This is achieved by giving them quality training in Physical, Mental and Emotional areas as well as Motivation, Counseling and Consultancy.

Shree Shanti Foundation has trained individually above 7,000 persons from various walks of life to their entire satisfaction. We have working been in this field for about 10 years.

Dr. Sushant has travels, on behalf of Shree Shanti Foundation, frequently all over India and Europe giving lectures, workshops and seminars in this field as well as being committed to social responsibilities. Wherein he visits a school for poor children in Pune, for Personality and Mind training. The Foundation has adopted a school for handicapped children in Kalyan for training in Mind Development, Arts and Crafts, Creativity and Holistic Life Style. In Pune and Thane the Foundation collaboration with an NGO for orphans.

Presently The foundation is conducting various training programmes in Social, Educational and Corporate sectors.

Shree Shanti Foundation works on 3 projects:-

1-Mentally & Physically handicap children workshops – Make them independent by developing good habits and keep them busy with part time easy work.

2- Health Training Programmes – Give them skill development programmes for self empowerment, self employed and to find different job in health field. Certificate programmes like Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist, Panchakarma Assistant, Spa Therapist and Acupressure Therapist etc.

3- Social Awareness Programmes – Create self and social awareness in Schools, NGOs, Bachat-gats, Government Sectors by giving them free Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management Programmes and Counseling for the benefit of mankind.